On one day back in June of 1998, Bob Tewksbury, a modern day David, defeated Mark McGwire, Goliath, using one of baseball's most obscure pitches, The Eephus. 

In this episode, Bob Tewksbury, former MLB all-star turned Mental Skills Coach, and author of "Ninety Percent Mental", tells the story of his matchup against "Big Mac" Mark McGwire using what he calls "the dominator".

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For one week back in 1969, David Neft and a team of researchers uncovered Babe Ruth's lost home run. That week, MLB officially recognized 715 as Ruth's career home run total, but it was since reverted back to 714. What happened?

David Neft is an American pioneer and author of the 1969 Baseball Encyclopedia (aka "Big Mac"), the first ever comprehensive book of baseball stats and the first book ever to be electronically typeset. In this episode, Mr. Neft describes how he and a team of researchers uncovered Ruth's lost home run.

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Gone! Untold Stories of America’s Pastime is a 10-part series, which will be released week-by-week. In it, we will explore stories rarely, if ever told involving the game we all love… Baseball. We’ll uncover Babe Ruth’s lost home run, examine the effectiveness of the “Eephus” pitch, debunk MLB’s banned substance list and more!